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How do you reinvent video production for the corporate arena?

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Secure Broadcast's vision is to democratise video production and equip a new generation of self-motivated and creative employees with the tools to tell their own story within their organisations.

A simple one-touch way of adding enhancements to any video

Existing solutions require the use of a host of dispersed tools to manage various parts of the process. The challenge was to design an end-to-end digital platform which provides the user with a seamless experience from the moment they hit record to the point it lands in front of the viewer.

iPhone video export.
The Broadcast Centre - a powerhouse video management suite for mac.

While existing video production tools for mobile are somewhat "dumbed-down" versions of powerful desktop editing suites, they still frighten the average user with too many features and confusing interfaces. My goal was to remove the learning barrier and make it as intuitive as possible for anyone to create professional quality video.

Part of Secure Broadcast's USP is automated branding - something no other video platform can currently offer. We developed a system to apply pre-approved branding to any video, with the ability to easily reuse content by swapping the entire graphics package out in one touch.

Secure Broadcast is not just a creation tool - it is an end-to-end video management platform, with a fully searchable archive of tagged content, sign-off and compliance controls and a Netflix-like video-on-demand consumption interface.

My Role

As Head of Design, I was responsible for helping distil the initial business concept into a buildable MVP. Following release of MVP, I was responsible for conceptualising and pitching new product features and helping to steer the product roadmap. I also managed a team of designers working on the UI/UX Design for a suite of cross-platform apps, working closely with the CTO and development team to turn these designs into reality, before undertaking user-testing and iterating on features. As in-house brand lead, I was heavily involved with the marketing and media communications teams to ensure the Secure Broadcast brand was appropriately represented both publicly in the media and in client communications.

Key Roles
Key Responsibilities

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Video editing on an iPhone.
A comprehensive system of tagging and project history is attached to every video.
How might we? exercise.
Early sketches for desktop app.
iPhone app screens
Brand compliance is ensured with multi-level sign off of content.
Empty state for inbox.
Reviewing lo-fi sketches with the team.
Team members working on concpets.

‘‘Meticulously researched, passionate and personal in his attention to mentoring designers under him.’’

- Richard Johnston, Former Head of Product at Secure Broadcast
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